How Does Advocacy Impact the System?

Systems Advocacy
Systems Advocacy is working to change policies, rules, or laws in order to benefit many people. This can be done with individuals, groups, organizations or coalitions. The Arc Community Advocates uses multiple approaches in order to get results. We identify systems issues directly from the individual and family work we carry out every day. This allows us to see trends or gaps in organizations or programs that are charged to support individuals with I/DD or areas where we simply need to develop awareness of a particular need and initiate building the supports in a natural environment.


In all aspects of our programming, we emphasize what people can do for themselves. We assist people with making individual advocacy plans, again, utilizing a personalized advocacy plan. Other aspects include teaching, coaching, educating and even providing direct representation when necessary.


If you feel that we could help you with systems advocacy, please contact our office by calling 269.342.9801.